Phred Piano Expression is an innovative approach to learning to play the piano that is simple, clear, and most It is equally effective with both children and adult, beginners and advanced. The weekly or twice-a-month lesson is divided into three parts: Touch, sight-reading and Sound-Logic.

The ability to create a beautiful tone and play with feeling is the single most important aspect of piano expression. Without it, the most sophisticated harmonies and polished technique will sound pedestrian. With it, the simplest folk tune with primitive harmony will reach or "touch" the listener. Three, and only three hand exercises are given the student to warm-up with before each practice lesson. When learned, these three exercises can be played in five minutes and will give the student the technical facility to play most music in the piano repertoire.

The ability to sight-read music is taught with a carefully graduated series of piano pieces. The student is led on an adventure through popular and classical music that ends with the joyous ability to sit at the piano and sight-read any piece of music he/she chooses. A wonderful gift to have for the rest of one's life.

Contrary to popular belief, playing the piano by ear, or the ability to hear a song and then reproduce it on the piano, can be learned and developed. Starting with picking out a single note melody with one finger and then with simple rules of harmony, develop that into a full-bodied arrangement with rich, beautiful chords and fill-ins. The goal of the Sound-Logic study is for the student to be able to play popular music and jazz without the aid of sheet-music. With this training the student ultimately develops his/her very own Personal style of piano expression. Indeed, a very satisfying and fulfilling experience.


Phred Piano Expression

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